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Being so quiet for almost half a year...
The daytime job stressed me a lot and rendered me mood-less to do any further update.

Nonetheless, not entirely inactive. I still managed to squeee some times to doodle on my mobile.
I hope I will resume my desktop CG productions soon.

Let's hope ;)
Just not in a very productive mind in recent weeks. ^^;
I'm still around.

Apart from busy with day jobs, I also have to spare times for the upcoming CG paintings... just hope I will get 4 done before the end of September.

Pretty short updates. Catch up then.
I have been absent for a while. A lot of things have happened in between.
But the most obvious things are...
  • My Uni life is finally over.
  • I've moved back to Hong Kong to start my new job.

I'm slowly adjusting myself to such new living pattern. So I guess I should regain my mood to draw
soon. Even just pixel-art making is not a bad start :)

All right. Catch up later.
I mean... another 48 hour Global Game Jam.

Here is the game I participated in last weekend...
As long as you have Java installed, you will be able to play this survival horror game.

My main contribution was the sprite works for the doors, the padlocks and the traps appeared in the game.
You will find them from here.

I've been working on and off on a new CG... probably I will post it on later when it's in a more
solid form for previewing.

Catch up then.
It's been a while...

Currently I'm having holidays in overseas. Nonetheless, I still remain active... hope to complete the last set of game sprite re-make for Erik's indy game project WitchBlaster. Recently, the game has been patched with most of game sprite issues fixed... so feel free to enjoy the game till the new Snakes appeared in the next updating :XD:

Hope I will make at least one or two new CGs during my holiday ;)

Catch up later :)
Better write something new to show that I'm still around.

Just realised my gallery got 5000+ pageviews... looks like it's reached yesterday.

Quite busy recently so a lot of art production are being postponed/suspended. (Same for the moods)

Anyway, hope I will be free again... really soon. :)
Sorry for this late announcement... as doing my last minute preparation.

This time I will join Erik and Sergio :iconsergiocornaga: to sell artbooks and indie games. We are at Table E10 for both Saturday and Sunday.

Two new Doujin Overload (DO) & Overload fanart posters are created this time... (precisely one is totally new while the other one reused some of the old materials from last time. I guess a lot of people missed my DO mascots fanart bookmarks, but they shouldn't miss them this time :D) Only 5 copies of my old sketch books left. As the theme of the sketch book based on DO mascots, I decide to bundle these last 5 books with the newly printed colour posters together as 5 special packages. I still have some DOLANZ's illustration books in stock... hope I could find ways to clear these leftover stocks.

Oh... a preview shot from the Earok 2011 Collection. These featured 3 games I got involved with the game sprite designs: "Noah More Heroes", "Blow Stuff Up" and "WitchBlaster". I managed to add the boss for the 2nd stage of "WitchBlaster" before the CD printing... and it's gonna to be a funny boss to fight with. :D

Lastly, I participated the first-ever Digital Art competition from Overload. (NB: No digital art competition from the past DOs) Hope my submission made it through... and met the requirement. ^^;

Anyway... time for some sleeps.
Yes... time for some doodling works before Overload,
which is held from 23 to 24 July (i.e. next weekend)!

More information will be posted later.

Since I need to divert more times and energy back to my thesis writing... ^^;

So please bear with my slow message responses and no new artwork updating for the coming weeks.
Once after Mid of July... things should go back to normal.

Until then, see you guys next time :)
It's been a while and a lot of things happened. May Lord bring peace, hopes, blessings, comforts and strengths
to all victims, survivers and the decreased from Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand and from the recent earthquake
and tsunami in Japan.

As the Master program is now half way through, the workloads becomes more intense. So I think
there won't be too many updates for the coming months. So before I'm taking a long break from DA,
I'd better to upload some past and recent artworks. Since quite a few are rough sketches, they are
placed under the scrapbook.

After Global Game Jam event, I seem to hook onto the pixel art making. Of course, there're still heaps for
me to catch up to reach the professional level ^^; Anyway, if you are interested in seeing how the new
game sprites in actions, why not pay a visit to my friend's page to
play the game online. (Yes... you can play online as long as your browser supports HTML5 or Flash)

Although I am going to stay low in the coming months, I will still pay regular visit to DA from behind =P

All right, time to go. Catch up next time.
By now, all game jamming sites should be over around the globe.

Global Game Jam ( is an annual event that
challenges participants to build a playable game within 48 hours.

This was my 1st time to participate Global Game Jam.
Though I could do some programming, my major role was
to give graphic supports to Erik Hogan(

It actually started from 5pm of 28 Jan (Friday) at Auckland Media
Design School.

This year the GGJ Theme was: EXTINCTION.
After an interesting small group (3-4 ppl) discussions about the game
theme, everybody would then have about 1-min to preach their proposed
game idea. The whole group will then be divided into small teams (from
1 to 5 ppl) to turn the game concepts into playable games within 45 hours.
For me, I joint Erik(, Sergio :iconsergiocornaga:, Michael :iconjarik-knight: and Andrew. For more details, I guess it'd better refer to Erik's blog (…).

While others did the programming & other various graphic (2D/3D) tasks, I was mainly in-charge of the game sprites for all the animals appearing in the game. Due to time constraint, only four animals were made: milk cow, pig, sheep and chicken.
As a whole, it's an interesting experience. It's so far my first time to
do such a large amount of 2D game sprites in such high resolution. My right elbow did feel sore and pain on the 2nd night...

The first animal (the milk cow) was always the hardest one to be developed. Anyway, this allowed me to experiment different drawing sprite approaches to find the better one to be used for the later Witch Blasters project. Pixel arts are really time-taking... but it's
really really enjoyable once you saw the animal can move and act as you planned before in the game play.

Anyway... :eager: here is the link to our game "Noah More Heroes" :eager:…
It's totally free... as long as you have Win-base platform, with a keyboard or a game pad, you download and start the game straight away.
and an interesting game demo during the last hour of GGJ:…
(Thanks Harley from NZ PCWorld to record this video :))

The game sprites are now online. Please visit them at here…

And of course, "Noah More Heroes" 2.0 is now online as well... watch out for the bunnies :XD:
So either go to…, Erik's site (…) or DVD from NZ PC World Mar. or Apr. issue. :dance:

Happy new year to everyone :D (Though quite late... =P)

Anyway, my holiday in HK soon comes to an end. So... busy with my packing-up.

Not much to reflect on my 2010... just surprised that I actually made more CGs than
before. CG drawing & painting speeds still require improvements, but I'm glad the new
found CG painting technique is still doing not too bad so far.

The 1st half of 2011 will be a challenging one as I have to complete my Masters program.
Unavoidably, I have to reduce the amount of new pic uploading for a few months till my
thesis is submitted. Perhaps you may see more sketches at the scrap folder... ^^;

OK. See you next time... :XD:
At the moment, I'm in Hong Kong for holidays.
Even so, I'm still able to check DA and make drawings (when I'm free)

So... nothing is changed at all :XD:
... from a 3D cel-shade robo to
a simple line work of a... kiwi bird :XD:
(It does appear more like a chick ^^;)

Actually, it's a by product from a causal design project recently.
As it's a rejected design, I kept it for myself :)

I hope I could upload something to here soon.
UPDATED: Yes... there you go a new pic :dance:

Hmm... Halloween is coming. About time to plan for a new Halloween pic.
Just realized that happened. :wow:

Thanks everyone for dropping by, despite my irregular updating :dance:
I'm still alive. :dance:
Just being busy with studies and other commitment.

Opps... I still need to come up with some details on accepting the drawing requests. ^^;
Most possibly at this stage, I will only do gray-scale CG sketches.

Catch up later.
I'm glad that I am able to participate the 5th Doujin Overload. Everything turned out nicely. The selling of this year seemed to be better than I expected. (At least the profit was sufficient to cover my printing cost of this year.) Also, it's nice to meet new artists. :D

Next year I should consider either teaming-up with someone or joining a group. Running a one-man stall wasn't easy. Luckily, I managed to get some helps from a few DO volunteers to watch over my stall for a few short moments to do some short shopping trips and short-range walk-around. So I didn't buy too many items this year or took any photo. ^^;

Sorry that I was too busy for 1st half of 2010 to complete my PostGrad course, making it impossible to publish new illustration book or comic book for this DO. On the brighter side, I was accepted to start my Master. Besides, I managed to make 2 new CGs and even artworks for bookmarks before the event. (Off topic: I appeared to be a big fans for DO mascots =p). I'm glad that my current painting style has improved a bit. Still I wish to paint faster in the future to suit large-scale production.

The biggest surprise for me in this DO was being interviewed briefly by the reporters from Comiket.

It turns out that each Comiket has a dedicated zone called International "OTAKU" Zone to feature otaku cultures from selected nations around the world. It happens that Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan are selected for the coming Comiket 78. As I recalled, these reporters interviewed other artists (at least one or two before me), cosplayers and figure & doll exhibitors.

At the end of the interview, we did a small book exchange: while I got the catalogue for Comiket 78, they got 4 art books (i.e. 3 DOLA-NZ books and my "Sketch Scrambles") from me. It's an interesting experience :)

One more thing to review: I actually planned to do some request works after DO for practice. However, I need to halt the plan at this stage. I need some times to sort out my study schedules. I will keep you guys informed in the future.

All right, it's time for me to get back to my busy Uni life.

PS: I know next year the doujin event will be renamed as "Overload", instead of "Doujin Overload". The event abbreviation is going to be... fun :XD:
Better to start a new journal, even a new CG was posted

Exams are over. Semester is over. Everything is over... :dance:
Yet... I will take a new course for next half year. ^^;
Still... I have to prepare CGs for Doujin Overload.  :woohoo:

This year probably is the year that I did more color CGs than any other years.
It's a good sign for improved CG coloring techniques - just the timing issues
are still yet to be solved (as being a slow painter)

Anyway, I have a few ideas for the new stuffs to be sold during DO - hope it works. Regardless to the secret plans I mentioned earlier in another journal.
I will postpone the time to review what it is after DO2010 is over. :eager:

In the meantime, may the pencils, papers, tablet, comptuers and coffee be with me and you all... :yoda:

Doujin Overload 2010 (Auckland, NZ event)
Date: 24 Jul 2010 (Sat)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Reggata Rooms @ Hyatt Hotel (Auckland, NZ)
My stall Number: D1
Stuff for sales: remaining old artbooks, on-site commission PLUS *new things*

Catch up later~~!
OK... use this one as a temporary entry.
I will edit this later after I have a new CG done.

Same old words:
Doujin Overload 2010 (Auckland, NZ event)
Date: 24 Jul 2010 (Sat)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Reggata Rooms @ Hyatt Hotel (Auckland, NZ)
My stall Number: D1
Stuff for sales: remaining old artbooks + on-site commission

Catch up later.